Server Support and Maintenance

Monitoring Your Server’s Health to Maximize Uptime

Your server is the backbone of your network, the repository and access point for all your business’s information. It is a critical resource, and having your server go down or experience problems is not an option for most businesses.

  • We save you time, money, and enormous aggravation by proactively monitoring the health of your server. With advanced tools, we review server activity and respond to tale-tale signs of trouble and building system issues which could result in failure of untimely shut down.
  • Our goal is to maximize server life and uptime, keeping your business running smoothly and without interruption. Your server faces threats from viruses, malware, hackers, aging components, power spikes, and much more. It needs updates, patches, backups, new software and adjustments to keep up with your growing business.

At Norman Alan, our server support and health monitoring means you have peace-of-mind that your growing business will not grind to a halt unexpectedly and at the worst possible moment.

If hardware or software fails, we'll know about it and we can react before you encounter problems that cost you lost productivity due to downtime.

At Norman Alan Company, we work with you to deliver server support options that are robust, affordable, and responsive when you need them.

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