FAQs for IT and Computer Support

Lots of People Asked These Questions, Now You Don’t Have To!

1What is your service area?
We provided computer and IT support in Greensburg, PA and more broadly throughout Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties.
2Who do you serve?
We service small and medium sized business.
3Can you help our IT guy when he is overloaded?
Yes. If you have your own IT Department, Norman Alan Company can step up to help only as needed. We support your IT with friendly, fast help, when they need it.
4I can’t afford to replace everything; can you help one step at a time?
Yes. If your computer network is an aging goliath, we understand when you can’t afford to upgrade everything at once. We will solve the problem you have now, and recommend steps to make your system safe and up-to-date.
5Do you have maintenance plans?
Yes. We have monthly and annual plans that allow us to proactively keep your systems safe, up-to-date, and running smoothly. Even better, we customize our packages to meet your needs, keeping our services affordable and effective for you.
6When you install systems, do we own the software licenses?
Yes. We make certain that all software and operating systems are properly licensed and registered to our customers, not to our business.
7Why should I choose Norman Alan Company, LLC?
We start with the philosophy of doing the right thing by every customer, then we back that up with an experienced staff, affordable services, and an unyielding focus on serving you well.
8What is your response time to problems and emergencies?
Our Server Support Agreement guarantees 4 hours response time on Server issues. In general, however, our staff is always available to respond to your call, address issues using remote login technologies, and come on-site as quickly as possible to resolve your issues. We’re happiest when we’ve solved your problem in minutes!
9Do you sell or service phone systems?
No. We want to be the best at what we do, so we keep our focus tight and strive for the highest quality in computer and network support. Ask us for a referral and we’ll introduce you to the right company for your needs.
10Do you do cabling?
No. We do not do cabling for networks. Ask us for a referral and we’ll introduce you to the right company for your needs.

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