Customized Backup Solutions

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The Norman Alan Advantage
December 22, 2017
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March 16, 2018
Customized Backup Solutions

Developing Backup Strategies for Your Business

Do you really need a backup strategy for your business? Isn’t it easy to just install Carbonite or Mozy and get on with your work?

The problem is, when disaster strikes, you may not be able to get on with business.

Many backup systems are great when you lose a file, but what happens when fire or flood destroys all of your onsite IT assets? Or when a virus or ransomware takes down your server and disrupts your network?

What is the risk of an employee error shutting down your backup, or worse, deleting it entirely?

Did you know that most backup systems only copy informational files, like docs, spreadsheets, and pictures? What about all that software that runs your business? What about that desktop that you had just the way you wanted it?

Your business should have more than an online backup, it needs a detailed backup strategy, including exactly how you are going to recover from a worst-case scenario.

Recovering a File or Bare Metal Restore?

The backup system that is right for you depends on your business, your tolerance for risk, and the cost of likely disasters.

If your business will lose thousands of dollars a day, or more in the event your IT systems fail, you need more than the ability search for and restore a few files.  Consider these facts:

  • Cloud backups and restores are limited by the speed of the Internet. How long can you wait to restore hundreds of gigabytes or terabytes of data? Days? Weeks?
  • If a critical machine fails, do you need that machine back up and running with all of its software and files intact within hours, or is next week sometime OK?
  • If ransomware strikes and holds your data hostage, did it jump to your onsite backup and lock that down too?
  • If your last backup was last week, how much did it cost your business to lose 7 days’ worth of records and project progress?

There is no one right answer, no best backup option without understanding your business and its relationship with technology. At Norman Alan, we do the hard work of keeping your business safe by developing a sound approach to backups tailored to your company and its individual needs.

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